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How to find your voice, even if you’re tone deaf

When you look at your business, do you ever stop to think about what makes it unique?

Why should people choose you over someone else who works in the same industry?

Here’s the thing: pretty much no matter what you do, there will be lots of other people who have the same skill set. Web designers all have certain skills, as do yoga teachers, massage therapists, or chefs.

But unless you’re in some crazy sci-fi movie, there is only one you!

You have your own strengths and weaknesses, your own unique way of expressing yourself, and your own ways of approaching problems and coming up with solutions. This is your voice.

Your voice is an essential part of what you do. It is the thing that sets you apart from everyone else in the crowd and helps people who might be interested in your services decide if you’re the right fit for them or not.

People will hire you because you’re you, not just because you have certain skills or certifications.

This is something that is really essential to figure out if you want to have a long career. Otherwise, people won’t know why they should choose you, and you won’t know how to express what you do to attract the sorts of people you really want to work with.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you find your voice.

  • What’s your story? How did you end up creating your small biz, anyway?
  • What are you best at?
  • How do others describe you?
  • What is unique about how you approach your business? What problems do you solve for your clients?
  • What would you never compromise on, even if it cost you clients or money?

Just some food for thought to get you started. This process takes some time, and you’ll find your voice shifts and changes as your career continues. That’s completely expected and is a good thing. After all, we learn from experiences and change based on them, and your business will change with it.

Once you’ve got a good understanding of your voice, you can use that information all through your business: on your website, your emails, social media, and anywhere else you’re interacting with your clients.

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