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Life Beyond The Massage Table

With Candice Eisner

A Podcast for Health & Wellness Practitioners. Like you.

Life Beyond The Massage Table was a podcast about the realities of running a Massage Therapy practice… or really, any health, wellness or fitness business! It’s a no BS chat about the ups and downs of running a solo or small business based on over a decade of personal experience (and the 8 years I was an RMT myself). It was one of the original Canadian massage therapy podcasts available.

Episodes were published between 2016 and 2021. While no new episodes are planned, the old content is still available for your listening and learning!

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The Story Behind Life Beyond The Massage Table

The podcast came about from actual conversations I was having time and time again with clients, colleagues, and friends. We all struggle to build a business! So I started recording episodes with some of the takeaways from these conversations.

I’m not promising to know the answers to everything. Because hey, life is always about learning new things! But I will share what I’ve learned on my entrepreneurial journey with you all.

You’ve probably got great hands-on skills and work well with your clients one-on-one. Most of you have that stuff down! But it’s the stuff “beyond the massage table”, beyond the treatment room, office or studio, that you need advice on. How do you run your business and make it a success while still having time for the rest of your life? What’s marketing all about, and how do you do that when you’re a total introvert and don’t like the idea of, well, ‘selling’? Should you be using social media (and how the hell do you make time for that when you work solo)? How do you save money for vacations, tax time, and the rest of your life when your income is unpredictable?

That’s just some of the topics we talk about! So grab a cup of your favourite beverage and let’s dive right in.

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my actual clinic space when I was still massaging!
Latest Episode

Shows are currently in a ‘mini-series’ format, where we do 3-5 episodes taking a deep dive into a single topic. Got a request for a topic? Let me know!

What People Say

“This podcast is genuinely full of great information for massage therapists who are venturing into running their own business! Thank you so much!”
iTunes Listener
Massage Therapist
“I’ve been tuning into this podcast since it started, and haven’t heard an episode that I didn’t enjoy. Candice speaks to topics that are relevant to massage therapists, because she’s been there. She’s also really engaging…so listening is fun!”
Massage Therapist
“Honestly it's my favourite podcast to listen to. I always make :me for it and learn so much!”
Fitness Coach

Meet Your Host

I’m a former massage therapist and long-time entrepreneur. These days I do design for health and wellness businesses.

I learned a heck of a lot in my massage therapy days, and love sharing everything I can with others! 

The photos is me a few years back… I try not to take myself too seriously! 

You can find more details on me and my career journey on my about page.

Candice Eisner

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