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Financial Planning for Massage Therapists

Financial planning can be a really tricky topic for anyone who is self-employed, including massage therapists.

We want to have a good life, both now and in the future, but there are so many things to consider. There is a business to build, clients to see, and of course, a personal life to live! No one wants to be working all the time, even if there are times we need to.

But just like we plan for things like graduation or a milestone birthday, we also need to plan for other big life changes like buying a house and retirement.

So for this episode, I am sharing my perspective as a fellow business owner and former massage therapist. I know how tricky it can be when you’re a solo business owner!

In this episode we are discussing:

  • Some thoughts on money mindsets and not getting stuck in a ‘sacrifice’ mode
  • The importance of separating personal and business goals (yes, even when it comes to money!)
  • Saving for retirement as a self-employed person
  • Books you may find helpful (also linked below!)

This is the fourth and final episode in my short series on How to Stay a Massage Therapist for the Long Haul. Ready to dive in? Just hit play! Or, search for Life Beyond The Massage Table on your fave podcast app. More episodes can be found right over here.

Resources for this episode:

Note: links are to various places to purchase – use these to see what the book looks like so you can find it at your preferred bookseller. I also suggest supporting your local indie bookstores! For anyone who prefers to listen to books (like me!) there are also audiobooks available.

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Advice for Massage Therapists as they plan their finances! Saving for retirement, investing in yourself and your future, and more resources to help you out.
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