Getting Awesome at Social Media for your Business

Do you use social media for your business?

I bet most of you said yes to that question. It’s quite common now. Some would even say it’s a requirement of doing business in this day and age.

While I wouldn’t say it’s required, I do think it’s a great tool and one that can help you reach more people with your message, which can result in more client bookings.

However, social media can also be a huge time suck. There’s the planning out posts, finding good images, and of course, actually finding time to post the darn stuff! When you’re busy with seeing clients, time for social media posting kind of gets knocked to the bottom.

Now for some of you, that might not be a big deal. Maybe you’re not posting much to begin with… just a couple of times a week to talk about openings or gift certificates or something. So skipping posting for a while just isn’t something you worry about.

However, if you already post regularly, or want to start posting more often because you know it will help you find and book great clients, there are ways to make things a heck of a lot easier on yourself, especially when things are busy. How? By using social media management software.

Now I’m not talking about software like the Facebook app, Twitter app, and so on. All totally fine, but more time consuming when you want to post things to multiple places. No, what I’m talking about are apps that allow you to manage your social media presence all in one place, plan posts in advance for multiple platforms, and sometimes even reply to comments right from within the app! Trust me, this stuff really does save you time and make your life easier.

On this week’s podcast episode, we took a good look at several of these apps. I focus on both why you would want to use this kind of software, as well as what you can do with these apps for free. As solo business owners, we all like to save a little money, right? You can probably do most of the things you need with the free versions.

Sound interesting? Join me by hitting the play button below, or search for ‘Life Beyond The Massage Table’ on your favourite podcast app. We’re now on Stitcher and Spotify too, so if you prefer those platforms, you’re good to go.

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Managing your social media as a business owner
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