Website Review FAQ

Thanks for your interest in a website review!  (Not sure what that is? Read here!

Here are some answers to common questions. If you have other questions, you’re welcome to contact me.

You’ll be provided with a video walk-through of your website where I talk you through all the changes I recommend. I'll give you a checklist of action items, so you can follow along and make the changes. And, I also include some bonus items to help you write your best website content!

Sometimes when creating a website, you could use the help of a professional. Maybe you have design questions, or questions about how to create content that attracts clients. Maybe you're stuck on how many pages to have, or how to make your blog help your business.


But, you don't want to hire someone to create you a whole new website. That's where this helps you!  You get the expertise of a designer who works with health and wellness professionals, without the pricetag of a full website design.

I am sympathetic to the fact that the technical details are sometimes the hardest part of building a website!


However, I am not able to provide specific technical help for implementing the changes to your site. Within the review, I do my best to use language that should match the area you need to edit. Some examples would be 'page', 'blog post', 'navigation menu', and 'website footer'. You will need to consult the manual for whatever website builder you are using to edit the part in question. If you are using WordPress, Squarespace or Wix, I can also direct you to some online tutorials that may help.


That is not a service I provide. If you are using WordPress, Squarespace or Wix, I can direct you to some online tutorials that may help.

I am no longer taking clients for full web design. If you are interested in WordPress themes to help you give your DIY website a great look and feel, check out my shop.


** Past clients please note! I will always be available to help you with your website, so please do email me if you need anything!

If you’re ready to book your review, you can return to the questionnaire page here

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