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This service is taking a little break for the first half of 2024. Please check back later.

💻 Improve your website.

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Is your current website outdated and in need of a refresh? Do you find that clients aren’t booking, or maybe they aren’t finding your website at all? Is your budget a little tight right now, so you can’t afford to have your website completely redone?

I got you!

Book a website review with me and you’ll be able to get that site updated in no time and feel confident that it will attract more clients and fill your appointment book.

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What's a website review?

For people in health and wellness careers, I know things are a bit tough right now. There’s a lot of uncertainty, and many of you cannot afford or don’t want a professionally designed website right now.

But I still want to help you book more clients and strengthen your business!

That’s where this service comes in: a website review where I take you through your website, step-by-step in video format. I suggest changes to help more people find your website (and book appointments). Then, you can confidently make the changes yourself.

It doesn’t matter if your site was created with Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, WordPress, or any other website builder. If you have a website and need some help with it, this service if for you.

“I make suggestions – you make decisions” 

-Denis Morton 

But, how does it work?

In the video, I go over three categories of potential changes:

  1. Ease of use – so people can find what they want quickly.
  2. Mobile-friendliness – because 50% or more of potential clients will be looking at your website from a smartphone or tablet.
  3. Attractiveness for clients – because you want it to grab their attention so they’ll book an appointment.

For all three of these, I also look for areas you can improve your SEO.

What do I get?

You’ll be provided with a video walk-through of your website where I talk you through all the changes I recommend. I also give you a checklist of action items, so you can follow along and make the changes. You’ll also receive a little bonus item… read on to find out about that!

Let's see this in action!

Meet Mercury Massage Therapy

Mercury Massage Therapy is a health clinic in Kingston, Ontario, providing a variety of services including massage therapy, sound therapy, yoga, and holistic nutrition. The owner, Michaela, has been wanting to make changes to their website to help bring in more clients.

Here’s a 4-minute clip from the review. The full version was nearly 30 minutes long and went over user-friendliness, mobile useability, SEO, and attractiveness of their website content to potential clients.

Michaela also received an action items checklist, with this (and much more!) on it. As she makes changes to her website, she can cross off each item as she goes.

Website Guide Totally Free

AND I also sent her a bonus that I normally only provide for my full website design clients: a guide on writing website content and choosing photos.

If you book a website review with me, you’ll also get this bonus item, absolutely free.

What Michaela had to say about her review...

“I am not techy and was able to follow along very well. I was so excited to implement changes that I jumped on my computer right away to get started. I really appreciate your feedback and direction, especially since I have ZERO web design background, your info was very valuable to me.”

This service is taking a little break for the first half of 2024. Please check back later.

Ready to do your review?

I’m currently pricing this service at $150.

For you Canadians, this price includes all taxes.

Yes, I’m ready, sign me up! ⬇️

** You’ll be taken to a brief questionnaire. Fill this out so I know a little about you and your business, and once I review it I’ll send you a link to submit your payment. Submit payment and you’ll have your review shortly! 🙌

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