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Pinterest for Massage Therapists

… and other solo health and wellness businesses!

Now wait, I know what a lot of you are thinking:

“Pinterest? Why Pinterest? Isn’t that just for recipes and decoration ideas?”

Trust me, I get it! I used Pinterest for only that kind of stuff for years. I’ve even got a board with almost 2000 pins all about vegan recipes.

However, over the last six months, I’ve been doing some experimentation with Pinterest for my own business. The result? I’m now firmly convinced that it can be an awesome part of your online marketing plan! Yes, even for those of you who have brick and mortar businesses (because we haven’t yet figured out how to give a virtual massage… and I’m not even sure we’d want to!).

That’s why Pinterest is the topic for this episode of Life Beyond The Massage Table, the final one in our social media series and the last one for 2019. Hard to believe the end of the year is here!

What we covered this week:

  • Is Pinterest social media? Is it a search engine?
  • A discussion of why you’d want to use it for your business in the first place
  • Information about who uses Pinterest
  • Controversies on the platform
  • Tips for setting up your Pinterest account and making it more appealing to potential clients
  • How to set up boards, how many to set up and what types of content to pin to them
  • How to find enough content to pin and make your account more active (higher activity = more of your pins being shown to people)
  • Ideas on how to repin your own content without appearing spammy
  • Some food for thought about who should or shouldn’t use the platform for business purposes
  • Info about running Pinterest ads
  • Suggestions on apps and software to use… as Pinterest is very visual, this needs some thought! But there are ways to make it much easier even if you aren’t super ‘techy’

Tune in by hitting play below, or look up Life Beyond The Massage Table on whatever app you like to listen to podcasts. We’re on pretty well all of ’em, from Stitcher to Spotify to iTunes to Overcast (etc).

Resources for this episode:

Take the social media quiz! Find out which platform is right for you and your personality! ????
Helpful article about setting up a Pinterest account (via Hootsuite)
Another article about setting up Pinterest for business (and using Later)
The official word from Pinterest regarding pin graphic sizes
Create awesome Pinterest-worthy graphics with Canva
How to create board covers
How to apply for Rich Pins
Information on what Rich Pins are
How to repin your own content (from Tailwind, but you can use the tips without using their software)
Install the Pinterest browser button here
How to set up Pinterest ads
Software to help you plan and post to Pinterest:
Tailwind (number one pick! To be transparent, this is an affiliate link. If you decide to upgrade to a paid account, we both get 1 month free.)
Buffer (as of the end-of-2019, you need a paid account to use Pinterest with Buffer)

Ready to start rocking your social media posts? Grab a copy of my FREE guide! There’s information on how often to post, ideas on what to post, and hints and tips to make it much easier to plan out a posting schedule. I’ve even got a 4-week planner template you can fill out! Download it now by joining my email list ➡️

All about Pinterest for health and wellness businesses
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