YouTube for Massage Therapists

… and other solo health and wellness practitioners!

Have you considered using video in your practice? Think it might be a great way for your potential (and current!) clients to get to know you? It often is! So in today’s episode, we take a deep dive into YouTube as a platform.

This is the third episode in my social media series and there’s a lot to talk about. Not only can you make use of YouTube as a way to connect with people and get more clients, but you can also potentially make money through YouTube ads and sponsorship deals. It’s an interesting possibility and something a lot of the more entrepreneurial folks out there are trying.

What we covered this week:

  • General statistics about YouTube you might want to know
  • Controversies around YouTube as a company and platform (did you know YouTube is owned by Google?)
  • How to set up your account and what not to forget
  • What types of content YouTube is great for
  • Some food for thought about who should or shouldn’t use the platform for business purposes
  • Some information on monetization, YouTube ads and sponsorships
  • A chat about how to get more eyes on your videos
  • Suggestions on how often to post new videos
  • A brainstorm on what kinds of videos you can do
  • Suggestions on apps and software to use, since video production takes a bit more technical skill than other forms of media (although, if you have a budget you can hire someone to help you!).

Tune in by hitting play below, or look up Life Beyond The Massage Table on whatever app you like to listen to podcasts. We’re on pretty well all of ’em, from Stitcher to Spotify to iTunes to Overcast (etc).

Resources for this episode:

Take the social media quiz! Find out which platform is right for you and your personality! ????
How to become a YouTube Partner
How to make money on YouTube (includes section about sponsorships)
Another article on making money with YouTube (also includes section about sponsorships)

Create YouTube channel art and video thumbnails with Canva

Video editing software – free:
For Mac: iMovie
For PC: Openshot or Shotcut

Video editing software – premium:
For PC or Mac: Adobe CC (includes Premiere Pro)
For Mac: Final Cut

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YouTube for Massage Therapists and other Health and Wellness solo practitioners!
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