Instagram for Massage Therapists

… and other health and wellness solo practitioners!

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Instagram Templates

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And now, on to the podcast episode! 😁

Using Instagram for your business is a little different from using it for personal use! While selfies and pictures of your cute pet might be fine on your personal account, for business, well, it’s better if those things only make an occasional appearance (in the right context!).

If you’ve ever considered using Instagram as part of your marketing plan for your massage therapy clinic, yoga studio, or any other health or wellness business, I got you! This is the second episode in my social media series, and it’s jam-packed with info.

What we covered this week:

  • General statistics about Instagram that are good to know if you’re going to use it for business purposes
  • Controversies around Instagram as a company and platform
  • How to set up your account and things to look out for
  • What types of posts Instagram really excels at
  • Some food for thought about who should or shouldn’t use the platform for business purposes
  • Some information on influencers and making money with your Instagram account
  • Notes about organic reach and that ever-mysterious Instagram algorithm
  • Ads and how you don’t need a big budget to get results
  • Suggestions on how often to post (both to the static ‘grid’ as well as Instagram Stories)
  • A brainstorm on what kinds of things you can post
  • Suggestions on apps and software to use to make it all that much easier

Tune in by hitting play below, or look up  Life Beyond The Massage Table on whatever app you like to listen to podcasts. We’re on pretty well all of ’em, from Stitcher to Spotify to iTunes to Overcast (etc).

Resources for this episode:

Take the social media quiz! Find out which platform is right for you and your personality! ????
Social Media ‘holidays’ to celebrate (will be updated for 2020 soon)
Guide to ads on Instagram
More info on the whole influencer thing
Create awesome Instagram graphics with Canva
Edit photos with Snapseed
Plan/create content with Mojo or Over
My episode on social media scheduling software
Software to help you plan and post to Instagram:

Ready to start rocking your social media posts? Grab a copy of my FREE guide! There’s information on how often to post, ideas on what to post, and hints and tips to make it much easier to plan out a posting schedule. I’ve even got a 4-week planner template you can fill out! Download it now by joining my email list ➡️

Instagram for Massage Therapists and other Health and Wellness solo practitioners!
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