facebook for business

Facebook for Massage Therapists

… and other health and wellness solo practitioners!

Using social media for your business can be a wonderful way to reach new clients.

It can also be a real pain in the @$$!

So in this, the first episode in the Social Media series, we’re taking a deep dive into Facebook.

Things covered this week:

  • Some statistics about Facebook that are good to know if you’re going to use it for business purposes
  • Controversies around Facebook as a platform – good to know for everyone, not just business owners
  • How to set up a Facebook page and things not to neglect
  • What Facebook is best for
  • Who probably shouldn’t be using Facebook (even if they use it for personal stuff!)
  • All about organic reach and some commentary on the Facebook algorithm
  • A chat about Facebook ads (even on a small budget!)
  • How often to post
  • A brainstorm on what kinds of things you can post
  • Software to make your life easier.

Tune in right here (just hit play below!), or look up Life Beyond The Massage Table on whatever app you like to listen to podcasts! We’re on pretty well all platforms, from Stitcher to Spotify to iTunes and others.

Resources for this episode:

Take the social media quiz! Find out which platform is right for you and your personality! ????
How to set up a Facebook Page (with helpful screenshots)
Some basics about Facebook Boosted Posts/Ads
Create awesome Facebook graphics with Canva
How to schedule posts on Facebook
Episode on social media scheduling software
Software to help you plan and post to Facebook:

Ready to start rocking your social media posts? Grab a copy of my FREE guide! There’s information on how often to post, ideas on what to post, and hints and tips to make it much easier to plan out a posting schedule. I’ve even got a 4-week planner template you can fill out! Download it now by joining my email list ➡️

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