Free massage therapy & wellness stock photography?

Today I’m answering a question I commonly get from my clients:

Where do I find images to use on my website or social media posts that are good quality and not super cheesy?

Trust me, I get the struggle! Even just a few years ago all you could find for free photos were poorly posed shots of a woman with a flower in her hair, smiling as the ‘massage therapist’ lightly touched her arm or face.

Not exactly realistic, right?

But I’ve got you. These days you can actually find quality photos for use on your website or social media that are 100% free.

Before we dive in, a quick note about photo licensing: All the resources I’m sharing with you allow for their photos to be used on websites and social media. However, do note that some of them have a few restrictions, such as if you’re going to print a photo many times, or use it in a logo. If you have any doubts, please check the license agreement!

Free stock photos:

Unsplash has recently become my favourite spot to get great photos for health, wellness and fitness websites. High quality and really worth checking out! A favourite among creative entrepreneurs I speak to, but there’s lots of offer to health and wellness websites too. In particular for you massage therapists, there are some good, non-cheesy, realistic photos of massage therapy (tip: try searching for both massage and massage therapy to find photos). I used a variety of their photos for this demo website for a massage therapist, and this one for a nutritionist. Lots to choose from.

Pixabay is another great resource for photos. For health, wellness and fitness websites, there are lots of good photos in those categories to choose from! As I mentioned with Unsplash, there are some decent massage-related photos available here. Here’s the Pixabay FAQ, which talks about how photos can be used.

Pexels is another wonderful resource for massage therapy, healthcare and wellness photography. Their license agreement is here.

Stocksnap is also a good place to find photos, but recently they’ve started to promote some paid options. While they used to be my top choice for free stock photography, they no longer are. That said, the free photos are still high quality. You can search by keyword or just browse the photos by date, popularity or just see what’s new and fun. Stocksnap license details over here.

Special mention:

Canva: this is a fantastic resource for creating graphics to use on social media, your blog, or even on your website. They have tons of templates to choose from, and incorporate a large selection of fonts and free stock photos. There are some good ones for healthcare, including massage, in there!

Low cost stock photos:

Creative Market has low-cost, beautiful photos. Creative Market also has various graphics and templates for sale, so if you’re looking for something along those lines, check it out. License details are found on the page when previewing or purchasing an item (so check that out so you know what you’re agreeing to).

Stocksy has highly curated, reasonably priced photos. Part of what I like about stocksy is the diversity shown in their photos. They’re also based in Canada! A quick note about pricing: they price based on the size of the photo you want. Unless you plan on printing a photo, the small or medium size should do the trick. Info about licensing options here. Read more about Stocksy here.

Hope this has been a useful post for you all, and that it helps you make your online presence more beautiful!

Now that you’ve got some great photography resources, would you like to learn more about writing your website and social media content so that it attracts your ideal clients and keeps your schedule full of appointments? I’ve got ya! Pop in your email address and I’ll send my free guide right over.


free health and wellness stock photography?
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