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The first step in building a DIY website

We’re back with more podcast episodes!

By popular vote, I’m starting a series on website building, Build Your Best Dang Website. As a professional designer, I’ve got lots of experience with this stuff, and now I’m sharing my best tips with you all in this four-part podcast series. This is episode one!

As healthcare or wellness professionals, I know you have a lot on your plate. You have a business to build and clients to see. Doing a DIY website just adds to the ‘to do’ list. So let me help you make the process go more smoothly.

Getting started with your DIY website

The first step isn’t choosing which website host to go with or picking your colors or designing a logo.

It isn’t taking photos or writing your content.

No, the first step is getting organized. That might sound boring, or obvious, but there’s more to it than writing a few notes!

In today’s episode, I’m specifically sharing the process I use with clients to create their websites. Borrow my process!

Listen in now via the player below, or just search for  Life Beyond The Massage Table on your fave podcast app. You can find me on pretty well all of them!

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The first step for creating a DIY health or wellness (like massage therapy) website - it's not what you think!
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