Creating website content that gets you bookings

This week’s podcast episode is dedicated to the content for your healthcare or wellness website (such as massage therapy, nutrition, yoga…)

What do we mean by content, exactly?

The way I see it, the content of your website includes:

  • The pages you decide to create
  • The text that will go on those pages
  • All the photos, including ones you’ll put in the header, footer, mixed in with the text, your bio picture (headshot or the like), and so on.
  • Your logo
  • Maps, booking widgets, and any other features like that that need to ‘take up space’ on the page.

Basically, all the stuff that tells people who you are, what you do, and where/how to book an appointment.

Common pitfalls with content creation

Now, I’ve been creating websites for people for many years, way longer than I’ve been doing it professionally. And over the years I’ve seen people fall into a lot of different pitfalls when it comes to their website content.

This is especially true for most people in health or wellness careers. After all, you went into your chosen profession in order to help people in a ‘hands on’ way. Not to spend hours at a desk writing content for your website or other marketing. Sure, you might have to do it regularly, since that’s part of running a business, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy!

So this episode takes a deep dive into my best tips for creating content. The stuff that makes people not only click on your website but actually stick around long enough to contact you and book an appointment. If I could double bold that statement, I would!

Listen in now via the player below, or just search for  Life Beyond The Massage Table  on your fave podcast app. You can find me on pretty well all of them!

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When building your own website, the content is often the thing that trips people up the most. Here are my biggest tips for creating website content. Avoid making these mistakes and you'll be well on your way to booking clients!
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