Top WordPress Themes for Massage Therapy Websites

Are you trying to freshen up your website for spring? Or, maybe you’re creating a website for the first time?

As a web designer, I tend to lean towards encouraging people to work with a professional to get their site up and running. But let’s be real: sometimes you don’t have the budget to hire a professional to do it for you, even if you might want to! Or, you might have other factors preventing you from working with someone. In that case, DIY is the way to go.

That said: the whole DIY thing can be a little daunting, especially when you get to the design part. It’s one thing to write some text and pick out some photos, but putting that all together into a website that looks good and will actually convince people to book appointments? Not easy for the non-techy people out there.

Does that describe you?

Let me help you get your healthcare DIY website started

You can get a big head start on your website by choosing a pre-made template, saving you hours of work.

The ones I’m sharing with you are WordPress templates and very ‘click and type in the box’ style – no coding knowledge needed. These free resources will take your DIY website from blah to beautiful in a snap!

The best thing about these is that they offer the chance to import an entire finished website design. All you need to do is swap out the photos, colours, links and text for your own stuff.

Keep in mind that if a template is for a gym, you can still use it as a massage therapist by replacing fitness photos with massage ones, swapping out ‘join now’ buttons for ‘book now’ ones, and so on. The same goes for any other profession! Yoga templates can be used by psychotherapists, dental clinic ones by chiropractors. If you like the basic look and feel, it’s 100% possible to make it work with your own content.

Little side-note: For all of these, I recommend using the Elementor page builder, an easy-to-use website builder that works seamlessly with WordPress. 

Free vs Paid? Elementor and the Themes below all have free and paid versions. The free version of everything will be absolutely fine for your website!

Recommended WordPress Themes

1. Neve 

Neve WordPress Theme for Health and Wellness Businesses

Has 30+ free templates all listed on this page. Some you might want to consider for a health business:

Doctors Office Theme
Psychologist Office Theme

2. OceanWP 

OceanWP WordPress Theme for Health and Wellness Businesses

Has about a dozen free templates, which can be found here. A few that have caught my eye that you may like:

Yoga Theme
Gym Theme
Travel Theme

3. Astra 

Astra WordPress Theme for Health and Wellness Websites

Has 60+ free templates available (see here!), with new ones being added regularly. Some of my favourites for health/wellness businesses:

Meditation Theme
Yoga Theme
Nutritionist Theme

That should get you started building your awesome website! If you need more advice on building a website that will actually make clients click that ‘book now’ button, I have an entire category of posts dedicated to that topic. Check it out right here.

Happy website designing!

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