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Listen To Your Heart (new on the podcast!)

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We’re back with another episode of Life Beyond The Massage Table!

This week we’re delving into the ‘happy’ part of the happy little biz concept.

Stop me if this sounds familiar: you probably got into being a health, wellness or fitness business owner because you really believe in the power of what it is that you do. You believe that massage therapy works, or that proper nutrition is a key to a good life, or that having a personal trainer can help you be healthy and live your best life… you really do believe in that your career makes a difference! Most people who go into healthcare or wellness or fitness jobs do it because they’ve experienced it themselves and want to share that with others. And that’s awesome!

However: you then got into the nitty-gritty of running a business. That’s where things can take a strange turn. Suddenly, that thing that you love becomes a bit of a pain in the rear or a source of stress or frustration. So many things to think about, and so many voices telling you what the so-called right way to run a business is.

When it comes right down to it, though, you need to really listen to your heart and your intuition and find what works best for you. And that’s often not what everyone else thinks is ‘right’. If this resonates with you, this is exactly what this week’s episode is all about! I invite you to take a listen.

You can listen to the episode right here (just click the play button below), or search for ‘Life Beyond The Massage Table’ on your favourite podcast app!

As always, your feedback, comments and questions are welcome. Contact me any time!

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