Online Business for Massage Therapists (or other Health and Wellness providers)

Creating an online business is something I’ve gotten a lot of questions about in 2020.

I know many people are looking for ways to change their business and earn more income. Especially given all the curve balls the year has thrown at us!

As many of you know, I took my business from in-person, massage therapy services to fully online consulting and web design back in 2014. You could say I’ve got a track record with this. And I’m happy to share some tips, advice, and cautions with all of you.

If you’re curious about starting an online business – whether it’s just taking some of your health and wellness services online, or launching a whole new thing, I got you! Listen in to episode one in my series on Building an Online Business below, or search for ‘Life Beyond The Massage Table’ in your favourite podcast app. You can find me on all of ’em, from Spotify to Stitcher to Overcast and more.

Resources for this episode:

Can you take your healthcare, wellness or fitness business online? Or, do you want to build a side business to help boost your income? This podcast series will help you do just that! #massagetherapy #healthcare #onlinebusiness
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