2020 Business Trends

2020 Business Trends Health & Wellness Professionals Should Know About

On this episode of Life Beyond the Massage Table, I thought it might be interesting to go over some business trends for 2020. Ones that you all as health and wellness entrepreneurs (massage therapists, physios, yoga teachers, and so on) might want to know about.

There are lots of articles this year about the biggest trends in business, especially since it’s the start of a new decade and so I guess all the business writers really felt it was time to publish something of that sort.

However, a lot of the content isn’t super important for you to know. You might be interested from a personal standpoint, or maybe you have friends who work in more corporate environments who care about this stuff! But in terms of your business, well, you might not care that open concept offices are becoming less popular, or that new laws have been coming in to reduce the issues we see in the ‘gig economy’. 

So let’s talk about the stuff you might want to know as a health/wellness business owner. Stuff that either can directly affect your own bottom line or just trends that might be helpful for your marketing and generally running your business smoothly.

Tune in to hear all five trends by hitting play below, or look up  Life Beyond The Massage Table on whatever app you like to listen to podcasts. We’re on pretty well all of ’em, from Stitcher to Spotify to iTunes to Overcast (etc).

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2020 Business Trends Health & Wellness Professionals Should Know About

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