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The Problem with Social Media (new on the podcast!)

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I’m going to start this podcast episode out with a quote from twitter. Jason Zook tweeted the following a few days ago:

Now, he intended this to be partly satire… kind of making fun of how we do business these days, especially online. For some of you parts of that might sound foreign, because you might not feel that you run your business online. But Jason is pointing to a trend we have in running a business, online or not, which is that we feel we need all these growth hacks and strategies in order to make it. If you haven’t done this stuff yourself, you’ve probably been advertised to on social media by so-called marketing gurus who are telling you the best way to do business with Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and so on. I’m betting the vast majority of you DO use some form of social media in your marketing. Even if it’s just to drop a note every few days to let people know what openings you have that week. I bet for many of you, that’s a lot of your marketing. Or maybe even all of your marketing!

There’s nothing wrong with using Facebook or Instagram or whatever platform you like for your marketing and to reach out to clients. That’s totally fine and I think it’s an important part of any modern marketing plan. However, there are issues with social media marketing that a lot of people don’t talk much about. I think we want to believe it can solve all of our marketing problems. But it really can’t.

So today’s episode is all about why social media isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, isn’t the saviour we’d like it to be. Which feels a bit funny to talk about, because I am often giving people advice on how to use social media to their benefit. Am I shooting myself in the foot with this episode? Maybe I am!

You can listen to the episode right here (just click the play button below), or search for ‘Life Beyond The Massage Table’ on your favourite podcast app!

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