Coronavirus and your health & wellness business

Hey friends. I know times are really tough right now.

I had originally planned to start my podcast series on ‘Building a Strong Private Practice’ this week, but given how rapidly the situation with coronavirus (COVID-19) is developing, I just didn’t feel right doing it.

Instead, I did a bunch of research, spoke to friends and colleagues, and created an entire episode on how you can earn some income in these hard times.

Many of you have been strongly impacted by all of this. I did a poll on my business Instagram account recently, and 84% of you said you’ve had to close your business temporarily to help flatten the curve and stop the spread of the virus. And those of you who are still open (and working hard to clean and be safe!) are finding bookings are way down. All of you have had your income impacted by this.

So this episode is to help you figure out ways to earn while many cities, provinces and countries are implementing strict social isolation/distancing measures. Some of the ideas are directly related to health and wellness, and may be a nice additional revenue stream not only now, but for the future of your business. Some ideas are just ways to get some cash as soon as possible – temporary work.

If you need help in these tricky times, know that you aren’t alone! Hopefully, this episode can help you. If you have even more ideas to share, please do get in touch – I’m happy to pass them along to others! We’re all in this together, after all.

Listen in to this episode now via the player below, or just search for “Life Beyond The Massage Table” on your fave podcast app. You can find me on pretty well all of them!

Links and resources below, but first, a small ask…

Like all of you, my own business is suffering in this pandemic crisis. After all, you are my clients, so if you aren’t working, I’m not either.

If you’d like to support me, I would be immensely grateful. You can do so by:

❤️ Sharing my podcast with colleagues, friends, or anyone else you know who might enjoy it.

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Resources from this episode:

There are a lot of links this week! Keep in mind that the full episode has even more ideas than what you see below.

Ways to earn income that are an adjunct to what you already do:

Create an online course: My business coaches at Wandering Aimfully have made their course on ‘how to create a quick course‘ free. More details here on twitter.

Platforms to host your online course:  (my top pick!)  (Also good)

If you want to host a live course, seminar, class, etc online: Zoom or Crowdcast

To create an ebook or something similar (downloadable resource you can sell): Canva and Creative Market

If you want to create a free e-commerce website to sell products, gift certificates, or other items, sign up with Square and create one.

Ways to earn income that aren’t necessarily related to your ‘regular’ career:

The following three ideas were provided on Facebook by my friend Andrea. All options look promising!

  • Get paid to test websites and give your honest feedback. Up to $60 per test. 
  • Share your skills online. Outschool is a new company geared towards the homeschooling community. If you have a skill you’d like to share, you can teach the class on outschool to kids around the world. No teaching experience required. Up to $40/hr. 

Sell clothing, makeup, or home decor on Poshmark – use code CANDICERUNS to get a $15 credit (and I also get one – this is the only affiliate code on this page).

Sell your skills online: Fiverr and Upwork (there are others, these are the ones I’m familiar with)

Indeed – Look for remote jobs you can do at home (such as data entry, website updates, etc)

Funding you may be eligible to apply for, either through private grants or through your government:

Information for Canadians

Information on some available funds/aid in the USA

Information for citizens of the UK

Information for Australians

Note: I know I have listeners in other places but that covers the majority of you, at least according to the stats I can see on the backend of Soundcloud!

Times are challenging right now. We have a global pandemic on our hands, and many of you have had to close your businesses temporarily. So for this week's episode, I'm talking about a variety of ways you can earn some income and keep things going for your massage clinic or other health/wellness business. Some are directly related to your 'regular career', others are just temporary work you can do. I hope this helps you in these tricky, unforeseen times. We're all in this together.
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