Pivoting your health & wellness business online

Now that most of us have started to settle into the ‘new reality’ we’re facing, I’m starting to get some questions about how to switch your business from an in-person service (like Massage Therapy!) to an online business of some kind.

Some ideas around this topic I covered in the previous episode. If you need specific ideas on what you can do right now to support your business and earn some income, go back one episode. I listed a whole bunch of ideas, some of which are directly related to health and wellness careers, such as doing online consults or creating a course. Some are just, ‘I need money quick, what do I do’ ideas. 

But let’s talk more about specifically pivoting your business. That is, going from whatever in-person service you might have been providing: massage therapy, physiotherapy, yoga sessions, etc. … and switching it up to a new business idea and model. Because I know a good chunk of you are now in this position. You know the world has changed a great deal, and you aren’t so sure you can go back to your previous career, or even if you want to. You want to look into something new.

That’s exactly what we’re tackling in this podcast episode. I’m discussing some mindset shifts you need to make if you want to take your business online. I’m also going over a great tool you can use if you need ideas for what that new business idea could be! Even if you already have some ideas, the tool (called “No Bad Ideas Brainstorming”) is extremely helpful for many things. Highly recommended!

Getting even more in depth with this

Coming in early June – my tentative release date is June 1st – I have an entire ebook on pivoting a health and wellness business from in-person services to one that is primarily or exclusively online.

My book is now published!

There’s a lot more I can say on this topic of ‘figuring out what’s next’ from my own experiences. I’ve done the whole trial and error thing, and know what methods worked for me (and what didn’t!). I used to be an RMT and took my business digital/online starting in 2013, so I’ve been through this before. And I’m very happy to help you do the same if you want!

If you want to dive into this topic further, take a look at my book. ????

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No matter what your needs, the podcast is available to you 100% free.

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Resources from this episode:

Previous episode with a large list of ideas for earning some income (both health/wellness related and not!)

No Bad Ideas Brainstorming (Wandering Aimfully)

Full disclosure: Wandering Aimfully are my own business coaches, but I’m also part of their affiliate program. Links I share from their website contain my affiliate code. All this means is that if you should decide to join their coaching program, I get a small cut.

Pivot! Changing your business model and making the switch to an online business.
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