Five Important Tips for Online Businesses (for wellness and health providers)

Over the last month, I’ve been recording podcast episodes on the topic of building an online business. For a lot of people working in health and wellness (such as massage therapists), the idea of taking their business online is very new. However, it can also be a very profitable type of business if you put in the work. You’ll need to get it off the ground, find great clients or customers, and promote it to the right people.

In the first episode of this series, we talked about what online business is and is not. There are a lot of myths out there!

We then talked about finding your solid business idea. It’s important to make the right choice for you, your goals and your lifestyle.

From there we talked about finding and building an audience of people who want to purchase from you.

So now let’s talk about five big tips for getting your online business started. You can think of this as a checklist of sorts, to make sure your new business (or add on to your current clinical practice!) is in the very best position to be successful.

This is the fourth and final podcast episode in my series on Building An Online Business (for health and wellness providers). Listen to this episode below, or search for Life Beyond The Massage Table on your favourite podcast software!

Resources for this episode:

There is a lot to think about when moving your business online, so let's talk about some pitfalls to avoid and things to do in order to get more clients! Whether you do online classes, sell an online course, do telehealth sessions or sell products, these five things will help you be more successful!
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