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Marketing Your Health & Wellness Business From Scratch

How do you approach marketing when you’re opening a new office or starting your private practice?

Selling your services is a hard thing for a lot of people! Especially for new practitioners in any career.

You know you need clients, and you know you want to find great clients, but the idea of selling feels, well, hard.

In order to make your marketing efforts effective, you need to figure out two things: the who, and the how. Do that first before you dive in with the website and the email marketing and the social media and so on. That’s the important groundwork.

So what’s WHO? Well, who is your niche or target audience.

As for the HOW… How do you ‘sell’ yourself? How do you make connections that can result in actual bookings? 

All of this is discussed in today’s episode of Life Beyond The Massage Table, the third in our series on building a strong private practice.

Tune in now by hitting play below, or search for the podcast on your favourite app. We’re on pretty well all of ’em, from Stitcher and Spotify to iTunes and others.

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Got a new private practice, or trying to find new ways to promote your existing one? Need to find new clients? This episode is for you! In this third episode in my series on Building a Strong Private Practice, I take a dive into the whole idea of selling your services to people. It doesn't have to be as hard as some people make it out to be!
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